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  • CIPP Lining Materials

    ASCTTI supply a range of Nodig Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) felt and elastic knitted pipe liners coated with PU or PVC blend for extra flexibility and ease of Liner inversion. These CIPP Liners will make easy work of negotiating multiple bends, and yet are economical and the highest quality to suit the most challenging Trenchless sewer rehabilitation projects, whether it’s Pull in Place or Inversion Lining.

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  • Calibration Tubes and Pre-Liner

    ASC Pipe Lining Supply offer a wide variety of different types of Pipe Lining Bladders, PVC and TPU Coated Tubes, Preliner and calibration tubes manufactured to suit your CIPP Relining needs. Whether your selection criteria are, high temperature requirements, tubular burst strength, ease of Inversion, or ease of removing the Calibration bladders out of a cured pipe liner, ASC has a solution ......

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  • CIPP Spot Repair Materials and Patch Kits

    Nodig Patch Repair Kits are increasingly becoming more popular for those seeking to carry out a Trenchless Sectional Lining or Spot Repairs on a broken lateral and mainline pipes. Our Spot Repair supplies are available in a either bulk supply or Kits. Available from 4” (100mm) Pipe Patch Systems to 21” (525mm) Larger diameter Sectional Part Liner materials. Flow Thru Installation Packers are also available.

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  • UV Cure Lining Materials

    ASC Pipe Lining Supply now offers UV Cure CIPP Liner from 152mm (6 inch) to 1600mm (63 inch). With a manufacturing based in the Central USA, Most sizes CAN ship within 24 hours of order.

    The UV Cure Liner is Environmentally friendly, having little to no styrene emissions during the curing process making it ideal for sensitive areas such as storm water culverts and dense residential areas.

    The finished GRP Glass Reinforced Pipe Liner offers superior physical properties to traditional lining systems, minimal shrinkage and high chemical Resistance.....

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  • Resin Systems

    A full range of Cured in Place Resins that fall into two categories, traditional polyester resin or VOC Free resins, including Epoxies, Silicates and Vinylesters. No matter what the Trenchless Lining application, Pull in Place or Inversion Liners, contact ASCTTI.

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  • Lining Equipment

    ASC Trenchless Technologies are committed to offer the best, most robust and economical Nodig installation equipment to our customers. Whether you need Inversion Tanks and Drums, Continuous Feed Inverters, calibrated wetout rollers and Static Resin Mixer Systems, Flow Thru Inflatable Packers or CCTV Sewer Equipment we can help. Full Truck and trailer packages available.

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  • Large Diameter GRP Grouted in Place Panel Lining

    Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panel lining for Trenchless man-entry or Slip Lining Applications. The Channeline International and Channeline North America Grouted in Place Panel Lining (GIPPL) NoDig System can be used for all Large Diameter Pipe (similar to Hobas) and Tunnel Rehabilitation. Both Circular and Non-Circular profiles are handmade to any size or shape and can be used for Trenchless or Traditional Direct Bury operations..........

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  • Technical Support and Training

    With over 20 years experience in the Trenchless installation, sales and project management, the ASCTTI team offer reliable customer service and training solutions. You need the right tool for the job?, need assistance with material submissions? Need training on installation? contact ASC Trenchless Technolgies Inc today.

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