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Manhole Structure Lining

One of the most overlooked areas of any water, wastewater or industrial system are the sub-surface or above ground maintenance structures.

Whether the problem is structural failure, infiltration control, abrasion resistance or chemical degredation such as hydrogen sulphide attack, these structures require careful consideration when designing a rehabilitation solution.  

Sprayroq offer several different rehabilitation options for infrastructures of all shapes and man-entry sizes, either structural or protective coatings.

Spraywall is a fully structural lining system that has an environmentally friendly installation process and 100% VOC (Volatile organic compound) free and is also NSF 61 certified for use with potable water.  

Due to the fast gel and curing time (approx 6 to 10 seconds) most regular sized structures can be lined and back into service within the hour after completion. Unlike other epoxy and polymeric coatings, Spraywall resin achieves 100% structural strength within 6 to 8 hrs.

Due to the high physical properties (approx 735,000 psi flexural modulus and 72% creep factor retention) of the resin system, Spraywall liners can be designed in accordance with ASTM-F1216 for either partially deteriorated or fully deteriorated design scenarios, giving a minimum 50 years engineered design life.

The Sprayroq group of products have been utilized for more than 20 years and been tested and approved for some of the toughest and most difficult projects worldwide. Applications include :
1. Man entry pipes
2. Culverts
3. Manholes and access chamber
4. Valve chambers
5. Pumping stations
6. Tanks
7. Retention tanks

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Cementitious Lining Systems

For more than 100 years, sewer and water systems have been designed and constructed using cement and brick products. As these structures and pipes age, they exhibit signs of failure such as cracks, fractures, holes, surface spalling, missing mortar and in some cases partial or whole collapse.

In order to restore these systems to a sustainable structural state, it is often advantageous and economical to build a monolithic concrete and fiberglass composite spray-applied liner within the existing structure.

This composite can be used as an underlayment for a polymer based structural or protective coating, or as a stand alone structural rebuild. A spray on monolithic liner can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to 25mms. Ranging from Portland cement and fibreglass composites for general structural restoration, to Calcium Aluminate-based products for high chemical resistance.

We offer high quality products that are fast curing and resistant to many different chemical products found in water and wastewater. Unlike Shotcrete or Gunite, the Strong products are applied using lower air pressure which ensures safe working conditions in confined spaces.

Also, by using more water in the product the liner achieves a greater bond to the host structure.

Applications include :

1. Manhole Repair and lining
2. Restoration of pipe ranging in diameters of 750mm and more
3. Concrete or brick repair
4. Void filling
5. Soil stabilisation
6. Underground abandonned pipe filling
7. Culvert invert repair

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